Thursday, August 13, 2015

First Day of School- August 13, 2015

There are a lot of tired children (and teachers) tonight, but what a great first day of school in Hoover! I saw so many wonderful things in schools across the district today.  Little ones were learning to walk in line for the first time, middle schoolers were struggling to master new locker combinations, and newly licensed teen drivers were driving themselves into high school parking lots for the first time.  I just love the first day of school!

Thank you teachers for showing up in the hundreds on a volunteer basis over the summer for workshops that will push learning in your classroom that extra degree to 212!  Thank you bus drivers for safely transporting thousands of children to and from school!  Thank you to the maintenance and grounds crews that made our schools comfortable and productive today!  Thank you to our custodians who worked so hard to make the floors shine and all the hallways clean!  Thank you to the resource officers who keep our schools safe!  Thank you to the counselors who soothed broken hearts of children (and mothers)!  Thank you to the office workers and school leaders who were ready to step in and get things back on track when the unexpected occurred!

This was a great day for starting the new school year in Hoover City Schools!

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